Lower Buffalo Wilderness

Established: 1978
Acres: 22,500 (39,338 combined w/Leatherwood)
Region: Ozarks
Section: Ozark Highlands
Subsections: Springfield Plateau, White River Hills
State: Arkansas
Manager: Buffalo National River (link)
Agency: National Park Service

The Buffalo River Wilderness is divided up in 3 separate sections – Upper Buffalo, Ponca, and Lower Buffalo.  The Lower Buffalo section is the largest Wilderness Area in the AIM region.  It shares an agency border with Leatherwood Wilderness, but no road, fence, or anything else separates the two areas.  So logically and geographically combined, these two areas make up one of the single largest Wilderness Areas of the entire Midwest at nearly 40,000 acres.  Only Minnesota’s Boundary Waters (809,772) and Michigan’s Isle Royale (132,018) are larger.